Thor Høy, born 1975, has worked as an in-house jewellery designer for world-renowned and exclusive jewellery and lifestyle brand Georg Jensen, and as an in-house product designer for Rosendahl Design Group, one of the most well-known design houses in Scandinavia and owner of such iconic brands as Holmegaard, Kaj Bojesen, Kähler, Rosendahl and more.

These days, balancing his time between a position as Head Of Design at Spring Copenhagen and creating industrial designs, furnitures, Jewellery and product design for various costumers.

Originally a carpenter by education and trade, Thor Høy maintains a special place in his heart for wood. Through years of work, however, and by way of a degree in production technology, he has acquired experience across a wide range of materials and production processes.

Thor Høy comes from a family of artists, art historians, architects, textile makers, ceramists, authors and scientists – he created his first chair, out of a shopping cart, at age eleven, and his first series of lamps at seventeen.

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Thor Høy working at the jewellery workbench
The Funky Chicken Dance...

The Funky Chicken Dance...